Friday, May 12, 2006

@ Your Service



Monday, May 01, 2006


A Gentleman's Service

Sid and Nancy

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy's Toes Sucked During Read

Bathing Girl

From Japan


Yana Gupta's way of feeding wine

Dusk Till Dawn

Salma Hayeks way of feeding you some wine :)


Rammstein's Engel, the sexy video.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tease Me

The morning treatment

Am so thirsty!

Carmen Electra, quenches thirst!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Lucky Guy

Sunday, October 30, 2005

My Wish

If i had the chance, I would eat from the soles of a lady's feet and drink from between her toes for the rest of my life. I have done a lot of that, from my girlfriend's feet.

She is not a dominant person though. The first time I had to make her put her foot on me, was a lot of work. But when she finally did it, (i was lying on the bed and she was standing) i held her foot by the ankle, lifted it and kissed her sole. She said i shouldnt be doing that. But that was quite a few years back. Soon she was sticking her toes into my mouth and more. She even dipped her toes in wine once and made me suck them.

Now everytime we spend the time together in a room, i end up at her feet, sucking her toes and licking her sole clean. When we spend the night together, we buy some cream and use it on each other. And a major part of it goes into me, from the soles of her feet. When we take a shower together, i lick the drops of water from all over her body, and go down to her feet. She pours the water down her legs and i suck it up from the toes and the soles. I clean those beautiful feet with my tongue. But she doesnt still let me lick her feet when it's dirty. She says that's bad. But sometimes I dont let her see that her feet is a little dirty and clean it for her.

Then I have made her get into trampling. She walks on me..from my legs, up my groin and on to my chest. She stands full weight on my manhood and stomps it too. But I could never get her to wear sandals on me or even to take a step on my face barefoot. I carve for it. Sometimes she asks me to massage her legs and feet for her bcos she knows i love that.

But my fantasy is, her being a little more dominant and making me do it for her. Like when she comes home, she asks me to kneel down and remove her sandals or shoes and lick her feet, suck those toes and clean them. Asking me to wash her feet in water and making me drink it. Dipping her feet in food and making me lick them off. Walking on me and stepping on my face. Using my face as a foot stool. Using my tongue as a wiping cloth.


Friday, October 28, 2005

More than heaven?

I thought I was in heaven when she walked to me and stepped on me using my groin as the step. Well..obviously I was wrong. Today she came..we were sitting and talking. She pulled her chair close to mine. We were sitting face to face. She put her feet on my lap, and soon started feeling my cock. I was instantly with a boner!!! She played around with my hard dick..all with just her feet. She rubbed it, massaged it, pinched the head with her toes.. all the while she asked me to relax and enjoy it. wasIi in a wonderland.. or heaven...?????

It went on for the next half hour almost.. then she asked me to get on the floor and I did. She was still on her chair and she gave me one hell of a massage for my dick.. Wow!!!! I was in a trance the rest of the day :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Yesterday, she came home after her classes and we were just having fun. Fooled around a bit too. Then she had to leave and got up. I was still in bed..just relaxing. And she was getting dressed. I just kept looking at her..and she saw me. She just walked towards me, put her left foot squarely on my member, and steped up to my stomach! She said she felt like a queen or something coz am under her feet and have to look up and talk to her..she walked all over me and stomped my dick fo a good 5 minutes before geting down. she left..leaving me in heaven.. oooohhh man...